Cllr Keith Witham Reports: An increase in Police for Surrey -10% more over two years

Some good news! The number of police officers in Surrey is increasing. This is due to two things - firstly thanks to an extra 104 officers who were being funded through a part of last years Council Tax (which helps pay for Surrey Police). Those have already been recruited this year, most are already "out there" and those still in training will be deployed by March. In addition there will be an extra 78 for Surrey being recruited as part of the Governments drive to recruit an 20,000 extra police officers nationally - so in total 182 extra police officers in Surrey. Someone asked me whether this was just "catchup" after "reductions" in the past 10 years? So I asked Surrey Police how many police officers there were in March 2009 compared to March 2019 and the answer was very interesting . In 2009 it was 1,872 compared to last year 1,882 - almost identical over the last 10 years. So 182 new officers will represent an genuine increase of some 10% in the number of police officers in Surrey. GOOD NEWS indeed.