Ash Railway bridge one step closer


Residents in Worplesdon may be wondering what's happening with the proposed railway bridge at Ash, to replace the current railway crossing at Ash on the A323.

Guildford Borough Council would be "failing as a local authority" if it did not go ahead with building a bridge over the railway in Ash. Cllr David Elms made the comments during a GBC debate on the proposed bridge, pointing out that Network Rail classified the existing level crossing next to Ash station as medium-high risk. "I'm surprised that this hasn't been done before now. I think GBC would be failing as a local authority if it didn't do something about it."

The council has proposed building a road bridge south-east of the level crossing to improve congestion and provide infrastructure for the 1,750 houses expected to be built in Ash planned for in the borough's new Local Plan.

Most of the £22.8 million, will be met from developer contributions and grants from Homes England and Network Rail.

Currently, the level crossing is closed for up to 25 minutes out of every hour, leading to significant traffic delays which are likely to get worse once South Western Railway introduces more frequent services with more carriages along the line.

The delays also mean people are more willing to risk their safety using the level crossing when they should not. It's obviously going to mean that the level crossing, which is dangerous, will be taken out of service and it will provide a safe nearby route.