Campaigning To Save Our Local Green Belt - And Winning


Four years ago, your local Conservative Team promised to protect our local Green Belt in Worplesdon - and we have.

With the active support of many residents and community groups we have, on your behalf, successfully fought off nearly all the proposals from developers to develop green belt sites locally.

Local Worplesdon development sites that were proposed (potential number of new homes - 2,043)

  • Hunts Farm 225 - Not Approved
  • Littlefield Manor 550 - Not Approved
  • Liddington Hall 600 - Not Approved
  • Rokers Golf Course 400 - Not Approved
  • Merrist Wood 120 - Not Approved

Guildford Borough Council planned for a secondary school and crematorium in Salt Box Road - Also Not Approved.

As well as a Football Stadium plan stopped.  We also opposed the plan for a "SANG" (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space) in Wood Street Village for sale to developers.  GBC refused, but that was overturned on appeal to a Government Inspector.

The one area of development we could not stop was the land by Keens Lane, Worplesdon.  Planning permission was given last November for 148 homes and a Care home.

So - of a total of 2,043 potential new house buildings in our Worplesdon Green Belt (nearly all around Fairlands) - 1,895 Not Approved with 148 approved.

In August 2014 the Fairlands Community Association Newsletter said "too much is being asked of Worplesdon.  The housing stock would increase by 71% if all proposed sites are built on.  There is the assigned secondary school, crematorium or graveyard and football stadium".

In summer 2014 the Worplesdon Parish Council's newsletter warned "Threat of massive development in Worplesdon".

Regarding the proposed development at Blackwell Farm, although most of this is not in Worplesdon, the land backs onto Wood Street Village.  There are strong concerns regarding traffic access and flood prevention measures.

Should a planning application ever arise in future, our focus will be to ensure that the detail is thoroughly scrutinized and all the traffic and flooding concerns are properly addressed through the planning process. 

Your Local Conservative Team have worked hard to fight off these threats to our local Environment - and succeeded.  With your support, Councillors David Elms, Dennis Paul and Keith Witham will continue to campaign against any large scale or inappropriate development, and Protect our Green Belt.