Cllr Keith Witham Feedback: Potholes, roads, pavements, flooding and more

Severe weather at this time of year is not unusual. As you would expect SCC is fully geared up, but the Council does rely on public reporting, so if you see a pothole or another road problem such as sunken ironworks, please help get them fixed quicker - PLEASE REPORT IT. By far the best way of reporting a pothole, or any other road defects is always via the SCC website site and the "report it" section, as you can bring up a map and mark the exact location on a map. This gets it logged and onto the work programme to be assessed and fixed asap
Flooding, blocked drains, fallen trees, power cuts.
For these issues it is:

The recent severe weather and how SCC is doing
The rain has taken a toll on the roads, with many more potholes than usual forming, along with flooding and tree related issues. There have been 4 recent yellow weather warnings for both wind and rain issued covering Surrey for excessive wind and rain. Parts of Surrey experienced up to 57mph winds along with a total of 23mm of rain in a 24-hour period.

Surrey Highways increased the number of gangs working out on the roads network from the usual 10-12 gangs to over 20 gangs, including 3 working overnight to get all priority defects repaired as quickly as possible.

In addition to SCC's safety defect service, Highways A&E crews, who on average deal with 20 to 30 calls per day, dealt with 309 jobs from the evening of 13th January to 19th January comprising 210 trees down, 24 flooding incidents and 75 carriageway defects requiring immediate attention.

Last month (December) Total Defects Completed = 3876 (the 3 year average for the month of December is 2496). Throughout December SCC had an average of 12 civils gangs out per day supported by an average of 6 Traffic Management gangs.
The situation is, as always, being monitored daily and 2-3 times a day as needed. This also applies, when needed, to road gritting and a network of gritters are ready to be deployed daily if/when the rain turns to snow or frost.

Finally, another website link for you specifically re potholes.