Householders receive £300 fine for fly-tipping by bogus waste operator


Two residents from Ripley who were responsible for flytipping behind Pitch Place, Keens Lane Worplesdon, have been fined £300 by Guildford Borough Council's Joint Enforcement Team (JET) officers after they gave their household waste to someone who later fly tipped it. The couple who had recently refurbished their bathroom were approached by a man who saw the old bathroom suite and rubbish in their garden and offered to dispose of it for cash. They failed to check the credentials of the man and he later fly tipped the waste.  

Your Council in Guildford takes fly-tipping extremely seriously - it is a crime that affects our environment - GBC works in partnership with the police and other enforcement partners to identify and prosecute offenders where necessary. We are urging residents to take extra caution when disposing of any waste. Checking whether a company is a registered waste carrier is quick and easy to do; it is not worth the risk of a fine or prosecution. It's important to remember that we all have a duty of care and a responsibility to dispose of our litter correctly.
The couple were identified by paperwork found amongst the rubbish, and following an interview under caution they chose to pay a Fixed Penalty Notice of £300 rather than face prosecution. "JET" Officers have also issued three £150 Fixed penalty tickets to motorists who they have seen throwing litter from their vehicles in the borough.

Recent changes in legislation enables Guildford Borough Council to give Fixed Penalty tickets to the DVLA registered keeper of vehicles where litter is seen being thrown from it, the keeper is held responsible for the offence.
It is also an offence to fly tip rubbish or for residents or businesses to pass on their waste to someone who then fly tips it.
To report fly tipping, residents should go to or call the GBC Customer Service Centre on 01483 505050.

If you ask someone to dispose of rubbish for you do make sure you

  • get details of the company and who you are working with;
  • check the company against the list of registered waste carriers at
  • get a receipt and keep this information for six months.
  • If you need any advice or have any concerns, please contact GBC.