Keens Lane Planning Application - Decision


At the Guildford Borough Council Planning Committee yesterday evening (7th November) Cllr David Elms, who represents Worplesdon on the Planning Committee, spoke against the plan and voted against. He said that in his view the Planning "Special Circumstances" required to build on the Green Belt were not proven . The application had been "tweaked" to address some of the concerns, but unfortunately the planning committee did not agree with David and voted to approve the development by a large majority of 10 votes in favour, to 4 votes against, including Cllr Elms.Afterwards, David said " I am very disappointed, but will stand by our commitment to continue to do all we can to protect the local Worplesdon green belt"

Cllr David Elms
Cllr Dennis Paul
Cty Cllr Keith Witham