£20m investment to re-surface roads in Surrey


Just one year on from announcing extra highways funding, Conservative run Surrey County Council have improved 270 roads, with more to follow.

The council is investing £20 million in a two-year programme to improve the roads across Surrey most in need of repair. This follows on from a £100 million Road resurfacing programme carried out from 2013-18 (350 miles of roads resurfaced).

Locally, here in Worplesdon, this has led to improvements at: 

  • Salt Box Road
  • Cobbet Hill Road
  • Cumberland Avenue
  • Envis Way (pavements)
  • Wallace Close (pavements)
  • Fairlands Avenue (pavements) 
  • Broad Street, Wood St Village (pavements)

Also, a new Pedestrian Island is due to be installed on Aldershot Road, to help pedestrians to cross this busy road. This is a joint SCC/Parish Council project, and our thanks to Worplesdon Parish Council for their invaluable support.

The work done in the past year, on more than 270 roads, is making a real difference to drivers across the county. This is on top of the 70 resurfacing schemes done and the 50,000-plus potholes filled. Motorists will continue to notice the improvements being made to Surrey's roads, which are among the busiest in the country, as this £20 million programme continues in the coming year.

Conservative Councillors David Elms, Dennis Paul and Keith Witham will continue to press for funding in Worplesdon, to keep improving the local transport network.

For the full Surrey wide map see: