More Road Improvements On The Way


The joint Surrey County Council / Guildford Borough Council Committee which looks at all requests for local road safety improvements, has approved new funding for three schemes in Worplesdon, in the Fairlands area.

1. Soft traffic calming measures at Fairlands Roundabout.
This means that SCC Highways Traffic engineers will now prepare for installing rumble strips, markings and signs just before the roundabout (in the Normandy-bound direction).  UPDATE 26/8/20: The marking and signs were done, but rumble strips were not installed because of technical reasons, but Cty Cllr Keith WItham has asked for an anti-skid road surface to be investigated instead.

2. Footpath extension.
To also extend the pedestrian footpath on the left hand side of Aldershot Road, after the Fairlands Roundabout, Normandy-bound direction, by about 30 metres, to link the wide grass verge better to the existing footpath.  UPDATE 26/8/20: The new footpath was installed and completed as promised.

3. Speed limit review.
To review the existing 50mph speed limit on Aldershot Road to see if this can be reduced to 40mph also after the Aldershot Road/Holly Lane roundabout, towards Normandy. How far will depend on further investigation, a speed survey and consultation with the police.   UPDATE 26/8/20: The speed limit was reduced from 50mph to 40mph as promised.

These improvements are scheduled during the financial year, April 2019 to March 2020 - after Highways engineers have drawn up the details - so that work can then be scheduled, and assuming no other issues arise. Keith Witham, who is the County Council representative for Worplesdon said "I welcome these additional road safety measures for our area and look forward to them being progressed to installation - and it also shows a practical example of what can be achieved when Surrey County Council and Guildford Borough Council work together and co-operate on such matters, which is the whole point of having the Guildford Joint Committee."