News update from Surrey County Council


During the weekend of 10th-11th November, Surrey experienced some severe weather which resulted in flooded highways, flooded gardens and in some instances property flooding.

As ever, a lot of focus has been on gullies in the highway and reported blockages caused by trees shedding their leafs. It is easy to see the gullies as the source of most of our flooding problems on the highway but this is not always the case.

The amount of rain that can fall in short amount of time can overwhelm capacity of the system, and overflow from garden hardstandings can also cause the amount of water to exceed the capacity of the highway, public and private drainage networks. Beyond these systems where the water flows, when the river levels are high the drainage ditches can fill and the water has nowhere to go so the systems backs up to its source during the storm.

Below are useful contacts to report concerns about flooding.


If you have an emergency where there is a threat to life or the house is likely to flood you should call 999, or the Environment Agency Hotline 0800 80 70 60

If the highway is flooded you should call the highway emergency number 0300 200 1003

If the sewers are surcharging then you should call the utility company on their emergency number.

Where the highway has flooded or a blocked drain please report on the link below. This will take the enquiry to the correct maintenance team.

Where there are general enquiries about a flooding then this can be reported to . This is not monitored out of hours.