Worplesdon Primary School to receive £1 million boost for Special Needs provision


Surrey County Council (SCC) has agreed to invest over £1 million for a new "SEND" unit at Worplesdon Primary School, Fairlands through the creation of a new "SEND" - Special Educational Needs & Disabilities - specialist centre, which the school is very excited about.

The centre will be built within Worplesdon Primary School, to provide places for 21 pupils with high communication and interaction needs, and run in conjunction with Freemantles School, Woking.

Local residents will be reassured regarding any effect on local traffic as regarding transport.  The school is looking at staggered start and finish times, thus reducing traffic at peak times, and allocating space on the school site for the vehicles attached to the centre (i.e. taxis and staff cars)
The plan is subject to a planning application.

Subject to that approval it is hoped to construct the unit in the next year, aiming to open in September 2020. The photo shows an artists impression. Thank you to the school and parents for use of the photograph of pupils at Worplesdon Primary.

More information about the SEND centre is available in the documents at