Fairlands Greenbelt saved


A promise made - A promise kept.  Vote Conservative for Fairlands on Thursday - 2nd May.

At the Guildford Borough Council meeting last week 25th April, the Boroughs New Local Plan was finally approved by a large Conservative majority, including some cross party support. All independent Councillors opposed the Plan.

- Why is this really important for FAIRLANDS ? Because it means that the five possible development sites on Green Belt around Fairlands are now all OFFICIALLY RULED OUT and this will protect our local Green Belt from inappropriate development for the next 15-20 years (duration of the Plan) - which is what your local Conservative Team have campaigned for.

But .... If the Independent Councillors who all voted to REJECT the Borough Plan had had their way it would have gone back to square one:

>  leaving the way open for speculative developer planning applications for 1,900 new homes around Fairlands.

>  Likely costing taxpayers another £3million putting together a new Plan, with endless squabbles and uncertainty going forward

All the hard work of "FLAG" (Fairlands Local Action Group), the FLGCA and Worplesdon Parish Council over the past 5 years would have counted for nothing!

The five local sites taken OUT WERE Hunts Farm (225 homes), Littlefield Manor (550 homes), Liddington Hall (600 homes), Rokers Golf Course (400 homes), and Merrist Wood (120) - totalling nearly 1,900 new homes around Fairlands.

Your Conservative Team have worked closely with residents to secure the compromise needed in the Local Plan to see it through, and are seeking your support once again to serve your area. YOUR PRIORITIES are OUR PRIORITIES. protecting our countryside, sound financial management, generating jobs and prosperity, delivering more affordable homes in the Borough.

This Thursday, please vote for your local Conservative Team to represent you and Fairlands at Guildford Borough Council - strong voices for FAIRLANDS.

David ELMS - Dennis PAUL - Keith WITHAM