Local Survey

Please tell us what you think are the priorities for your local area.

We've had a terrific response so far.  Here's just some of what residents in Worplesdon have said about their priorities!

What one change would you like Guildford Borough Council to make?

"More low cost housing to rent and for sale."  Mr R, Perry Hill

"Repair the footpaths and potholes especially in Fairlands road and Littlefield Way."   Mr O, Fairlands

"Better and fairer school rules (rather than some areas having a choice and others having no catchment). This would also help traffic if people did not have to drive all over to get to school."   Ms W, Jacobs Well

"Traffic congestion and resulting air pollution."   Ms C, Fairlands

"Make Bedford Road car park a pay as you leave rather than pay and guess how long you are going to stay."   Ms S, Fairlands

"Make council tax fair and consistent for all residents."   Mr S, Fairlands

"Building on Green belt, local infrastructure, those stupid new traffic lights from the Wooden Bridge roundabout slip road onto the south bound A3 (chaos)"

"Serious attempt to improve rush hour traffic flow."  Mr S, Fairlands

"Be more independent, based upon local issues, and not linked to party politics."   Mr K, Jacobs Well

"Make sure homes for the elderly are well supported."  Mrs L, Fairlands

"More social housing."   Mrs C, Wood Street Village

"Better public transport Disability Awareness for the whole town."     Ms L, Fairlands

"Clear up our streets."  Mr C, Fairlands

"Upkeep of roads and pavements, particularly the Aldershot Road and the pavements on Fairlands."   Mrs P, Fairlands

"Get the Local Plan approved and in place, i.e. the council to actually make a decision."   Mr G, Fairlands

"Affordable housing for younger people."  Ms M, Jacobs Well

"Re open a PRU, a full time site (pupil referral unit) to ease the state secondary schools."    Mr N, Perry Hill

"Fix the roads."   Mr B, Broadacres

"Provide a decent bus service through our village."   Mr T, Wood Street Village